We create in all mediums and distribute in all channels—always preferring the ones the data tells us are performing the best. Check out some of our work. We’re proud of what we create and produce with our partners.

Video Production

Dundee Entertainment is a full-service production company that offers leading brands creative, production and distribution. With our in-house teams and an extended network of award-winning directors and creators, we find the big idea and create visual content that inspires audiences and moves the mission and purpose for our partners and their brands.


Dundee Entertainment offers front-end strategy with channel-specific mindset. We know how to optimize and drive measurable success in today’s complex social channels and we work with our clients to do it all in a way that is complimentary of their brands and consistent with their business and marketing objectives.



Dundee works directly with brands’ in-house team and their selected partners to develop campaigns, and then follows through with producing/directing the spots and delivering the finished project. Our clients find the direct relationship refreshing, delivering faster turnaround, lower costs, and better results.